John Odom has been growing orchids for over 50 years and Odom’s Orchids has been at our present location for over 40 years. He graduated from the University of Florida with his B.A. in agriculture. Louise, Originally from Maryland, was the youngest female rose judge on the east coast. When she moved to Florida she found that growing roses are not easy down south. She started as volunteer at Odom's Orchids' greenhouses and became a business partner for 10 years before being married.

With over 90,000 square feet of greenhouses, Odom’s Orchids is one of the largest retail growers and shippers of orchids in the United States. We specialize in Cattleya orchids, but also grow quite a few other varieties, including Vandas, Phalaenopsis, Lady Slippers, Oncidiums, and many species from different genera. Unlike many other orchid growers, most of our orchids are mature, blooming size plants, so you won’t have to wait years for them to bloom.


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