Caring for Lady Slippers Orchids

Jun 6th 2020

Here at Odom’s, it’s hard for us to choose a single orchid as our favorite. However, we are big fans of Lady Slippers. These fine orchids have a rich history and are incredibly diverse. Caring for Lady Slippers isn’t terribly difficult. Whether you choose to raise just one or two orchids or several dozen, the Lady Slipper is a good choice to have in your home.

Interesting Facts About Lady Slippers

Lady Slippers have two fertile anthers (at the tip of the stamen). Lady Slippers are one of the few orchids to have this unique feature. They are incredibly durable plants (though they still require plenty of dedicated care!).

Lady Slippers can be found in North America and parts of Europe. Of course, it’s not very likely that you’re going to find a perfect Lady Slipper out in the wild! That’s why we sell orchids by mail through our orchid website.

Lady Slippers are the State Flower of Minnesota.

Additionally, Lady Slippers have been officially designated as the Provincial Flower of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

In the United States, some people refer to Lady Slippers as “moccasins” because they resemble the shoe in their design.

Caring for Lady Slippers Orchids

Caring for Lady Slippers isn’t terribly difficult. However, knowing a few things about orchid care can greatly increase the chance that your Lady Slippers will thrive for years to come. Here are a few of our top Lady Slippers and orchid care tips:

Lady Slippers require moderate to bright light, but should be kept out of direct sun.

Like most orchids, Lady Slippers need moist media. Be careful not to over-water. This is one of the most common mistakes made by new orchid owners.

Orchids also require humidity. Here in Florida, humidity is easy to maintain. However, when we ship orchids to other regions of the country, maintaining humidity can be a bit more challenging. Keep your Lady Slippers moist by maintaining 50-60% humidity. If you’re not in a humid climate, an easy way to do this is by setting the potted plant on top of wet gravel or pebbles.

Lastly, make sure you care for your orchid by using orchid fertilizer.

Have questions about caring for Lady Slippers? Other questions about buying orchids for sale online? If so, we’d love to answer your questions. Give us a call today!