Jun 6th 2020

The Oncidium orchid is a beautiful orchid that is available in roughly 330 different species. Here at Odom’s, this is one of our favorite orchids for sale. If you’re a fan of Oncidium orchids, be sure to check out the various species and hybrids we carry on our orchid website. If you’re looking for advice on orchid care, then you’re in the right place. Learn more below about how to care for your Oncidium orchids.

A Brief History of the Oncidium Orchid

The Oncidium orchid was named in 1800 by Olof Swartz. If you’re interested in language, then you’ll enjoy learning how the Oncidium got its name. The name comes from the Greek word “onkos,” which means “swelling.” It’s a perfect name for this beautiful orchid, which really does seem to swell out of the stem!

Oncidium appear in the wild in Mexico, the Caribbean, and portions of South America and South Florida. Here in Fort Pierce, it’s too cool in winter for Oncidium to grow without proper care. However, our greenhouses are equipped to provide any orchids in Florida with the care that they need.

Oncidium orchids come in many different colors and variations. Most Oncidium orchids, however, have a golden, yellow, or orange hue to them.

Oncidium Orchid Care 101

Buying an Oncidium orchid online? Congratulations! We’re sure you’ll enjoy any orchid you receive from Odom’s – especially an Oncidium! Here are some tips you need to know in order for your Oncidium to flourish for many years to come:

Oncidium orchids don’t require much special attention with regard to temperature. During the day, keep your orchid slightly above room temperature (75 – 85º F). During the evening, you can let that temperature drop to 60 – 55º F range.

Mild, filtered light tends to be best for the Oncidium. Finding the right lighting for this type of orchid will require a little trial and error. If the leaves are dark green, the orchid isn’t getting enough light. Reddish green? Probably too much light. If you have the right amount of light, the Oncidium leaves should be medium to light green.

Allow the Oncidium medium to become slightly dry between waterings, then water thoroughly until water runs from the drainholes.