Orchids By Mail: The Perfect Valentine’s Gift!

Jun 6th 2020

More flowers are sold on Valentine’s Day than on any other day of the year. Unfortunately, more flowers also die about 6-10 days after Valentine’s than during any other time of the year. Instead of buying your sweetheart the traditional bouquet of roses on Valentine’s, why not buy something that will last?

We have hundreds of orchids for sale online and they are perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts. Many of our orchids cost much less than the price you would pay for a dozen roses, but the flowers will outlast roses by weeks or even months. The plant itself will grow and reflower for years to come.

Some of our favorite Valentine’s orchids are large Cattleyas! With a flower like that, your special someone is sure to be stunned and reminded of your love every day! Their fragrance is delightful!

Valentine’s will be here soon. Be sure to start shopping now so that you’ll have your orchid in time!

Customers in northern/mountainous/cold areas of the country should use caution when purchasing orchids by mail in February. If temperatures in your area (or between you and us, in Florida) are near freezing, then we highly recommend shipping your orchid plant by Express (Air) shipping.