Orchids for gifts

Ordering Orchids as Gifts: Please read carefully before ordering an orchid as a gift for another person.

Because each type of orchid only blooms at a certain time of the year (its blooming season), the chances of it blooming just when you order it as a gift is very slim. Therefore it is important that if you want a budded/blooming plant--and most people do when giving as a gift--that you specify that in the comment box when you check out, and authorize us to substitute with an orchid that is ready to bloom. If you want the specific orchid you ordered and don't care if it is blooming, please write that (no substitutions) in the comment box. Better yet, if you want a blooming orchid, order our budded orchid special. Also, please write in the comment box a message to go with the orchid (Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, Thanks for your hospitality, etc. Love, SoandSo). Write any other instructions such as when the orchid needs to arrive by, or any other details or prerferences. We can't guarantee we will be able to accomodate you 100%, but we will do our best.

Thank you.

Phalaenopsis Orchid in Bud.