Proper Orchid Care in 6 Steps

Jun 6th 2020

For hundreds of years, people all over the world have enjoyed the fine art of orchid care. Caring for orchids, some of the most intricately beautiful and extraordinary plants known, is a highly rewarding venture. Many people think that orchid care is something they could never attempt. Not so! Orchid care doesn’t require that you have a special green thumb. All you need is a little commitment and the right attitude. We like to explain orchid care in six basic steps, which can be generally applied to nearly all species, including Cattleya Orchids, Phalaenopsis, Oncidium, Lady Slippers, and more!

Bright Light Orchids need bright filtered light, but should be kept out of direct sunlight. Find a place in your home where there’s plenty of sunshine, particularly early morning and late afternoon but nothing too intense.

Air Movement Orchids don’t do well in a stale air environment. Make sure air is circulating around the plant. Placing your orchid in a well-trafficked room of the house should do the trick! Otherwise, a small oscillating fan or ceiling fan on low will work.

Regular Watering This is the big one when it comes to orchid care! Water only once or twice a week, and make sure it drains. You want the growing medium damp – not swimming in water! The orchid should dry out most of the way before watering again.

Fertilizer Orchids need fertilizer as they grow. Generally a balanced all-purpose plant food twice a month will suffice. Ask us about fertilizer recommendations if you don’t have a favorite.

Humidity Orchids don’t do well in dry climates. If you live in a drier region (or have dry air in the house) we recommend a humidifier.

Temperature Lastly, keep your orchid between 65 ºF and 85 ºF during the day, allowing the temperature to drop a little at night.